Legal Translation

Translating legal documents between Hebrew-French-English requires deep knowledge in those languages as well as understanding the specific terminology and legal concepts.

All translations are made by professional translators, jurists and lawyers that have experience in France and Israel.

Our services include the tranlation of various legal documents such as:

  • Contracts
  • Ruling (divorce…)
  • Birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificate, divorce certificate.
  • Inheritance order
  • Will
  • Diplomas
  • Employment contracts

What is the difference with a notarized translation?

Some situations (documents submitted to the Israel Ministry of Interior for instance) will require a notarized translation which means it has the notary public certify that the document has been translated correctly and accurately. In such a case, we will make the translation and will put you in touch with a notary to have him certify it.

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